New Classic LA is a website about LA’s best and most interesting new avant-garde/experimental/progressive music.

This website was designed/is run by Nick Norton. Our writers include Alicia Byer, Elizabeth Hambleton, and Paul C. Muller. Adam Borecki helps out with the calendar and some coding.

We’ve got a policy of only featuring/talking about things we/I like. It’s tough making your way as a musician, and I’d prefer to give people no press instead of bad press. Plus, that way, when you come to this site, you know everything you find will be good.

If you’re in LA and have something you would like listed/reviewed/featured/etc. please read this then use the contact form below to submit your information. For events, there’s a submission link on the calendar page. Please also make it clear that you’ve at least had a look at the site. Beethoven and Bach are phenomenal composers, but that’s not what we’re focused on here.

For record and live review requests, send me a link to a sample of your music. Depending on current work load (and if it sounds cool), I’ll send some instructions for how to proceed.

Do not put me on a mailing list without asking first. Please be polite, and check your message for grammar and spelling. I’m here to help out, and have been amazed by some of the poorly written demands for coverage that I’ve received.

I am working on a comprehensive listing of composers, performers, ensembles, and presenting organizations in the LA area. If would like to be added to this listing, please send me your name and website, and a link to a hosted audio file if you have one. I will publish the list once there are enough things on it for it not to look silly.

As it turns out, reviewing concerts and interviewing people is pretty time consuming. I love it, but if you’d like to help out and write for this site too, please let me know and we can hook something up. It’s unpaid, but does result in free tickets to shows and people being nice to you sometimes.

If you’re up for helping out financially (i.e. supporting the domain name, server space, my time and effort), making a donation is easy. Here’s a link:

In the time that I am not running this blog I’m a composer. All sorts of info about that, and my various other projects, is available at nickwritesmusic.com.

If you have any questions in general, please ask!