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We in Los Angeles should consider ourselves lucky every day, because we get to hear, meet, talk with, learn from, and be inspired by so many great and interesting musicians working in our scene.  I couldn’t ask for a better city to call home, and I’m glad that my small website, the one you’re reading this on, has been able to help that city’s scene in some way.

I’m by no means in this alone. Everyone who has written for the site, helped code something, said yes to an interview or sent me a track to post has contributed to getting us off the ground. And every time someone comes up at a show and says, “I found this concert because of your calendar,” I know it’s worth it.

That said, spending time and energy and resources on this for free can be tricky sometimes. Domain names, server space, and the like all have costs. If you’ve enjoyed the music you’ve found on New Classic LA over the past few years, and want to keep helping our scene continue to thrive, please consider making a small donation using the button below or by clicking here. Advertising space is also available, and helps just as much.

Thank so much for your consideration. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Yours in music,


Supporters of New Classic LA

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