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Back in the states, more updates en route

I just got back to the US from a couple of weeks in Israel yesterday, and am currently moving into a new apartment. This post is solely to inform you that I will respond to your emails, update the concert listings, and generally do stuff within the next few days.

That said, the number of messages coming in and the sheer lack of time I’ve had to dedicate to the site lately highlights a couple of issues I’d like to address. So here goes:

1. We need writers. Want free tickets to shows? Want to meet people? Like seeing your name on websites? Then send me an email at and let’s talk.

2. I could really use help setting up a better submission process for the concert listings page. Right now I’m manually entering everything in HTML. It would be great if someone with web development skills would be willing to help me set up a form so that I can just click “approve,” and also make it so that shows disappear once the date has passed. Any takers?

Thanks all.

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