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Paul Muller joins New Classic LA team

You may have noticed a post yesterday by Paul Muller, reviewing Michael Jon Fink’s new release on Cold Blue Music, and thought, “that’s not Nick or Andrew!” Well good news everyone! Paul Muller is now writing for New Classic LA. He’ll mainly be covering record and concert reviews.

Paul MullerA bit about Paul: he’s a Ventura-based composer of minimalist, ambient electronic music who also plays in the trumpet section of the California Lutheran University orchestra.  He is a regular contributor to the weekly online Sound-In events and also writes reviews for Chain D.L.K. and Sequenza21.

I’m so glad to have his help to expand the number of events and releases we can cover. Here’s his review from yesterday:

and here’s a recent one of Gnarwhallaby’s concert at Boston Court:

One other piece of news: the submission system on the calendar page is now live. Send us your shows!

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