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Sounds: Zaq Kenefick: Funeral Song of the People of the Ruined Cities

If you’ve been going to shows in the last year or so, you’ve probably met Zaq Kenefick. The composer and sax player, who is currently studying at CSU Long Beach, has been coming to and listening to virtually everything in town, a practice that I have a huge amount of respect for. I was listening to some of Zaq’s music last week and came across this miniature that struck me as something very special.

About the piece, which is for mandolin, guitar, and arpeggione (bowed guitar), Zaq says:

Programaticly, the piece takes place in an alternate future where all knowledge about music was lost and had to be relearned. This is the hypothetical indigenous music of those who took shelter in the ruined cities of the past.

This recording is from Ensemble Fret. There’s way, way more music on Zaq’s Soundcloud page, at