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An explanation for the recent silence, and a glimpse of things to come

Despite the recent lack of posts, this blog is not dead, nor abandoned, nor anything of the sort. But there are big, big plans for it in the works.

Things have been a little tricky to maintain over the last month, mostly because I was in London, and am currently working on New York and Israel trips, as well as moving, and a couple of commissions. Life happens sometimes, as it turns out.

There are two rad interviews on the way this week, though. Plus we’re planning a major update to the calendar/event listing system to make it easier to maintain (and to submit events). Plus we’re having a party at my house on August 24 at 8 pm, with pianists Aron Kallay and Rafael Liebich playing music by Ben Phelps, Jason Barabba, myself, and others. There’s going to be great beer, and you should come. Email for the details, because I don’t really feel like posting my address here.

More and more to come.


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