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Sounds: Ted Hearne: Law of Mosaics

All week I’ve been listening to A Far Cry‘s recording of Ted Hearne‘s Law of Mosaics. I know I’m late to the game on this one – the piece is from 2012, and wild Up played it in LA a year or two ago – but we never said anything before about it, Ted lives in LA and teaches at USC now, and it’s just a phenomenal piece for strings. Here’s the fourth movement:

The record, which also contains Andrew Norman’s The Companion Guide to Rome, is available from Crier Records here and Amazon here. It’s also on Spotify and iTunes and pretty much everywhere else.

What’s perhaps even more exciting, for those of us so inclined, is that the whole score is posted on Ted’s site at

In other news, we’re starting up weekly Sounds posts. Check back every Tuesday for a new recording from an LA-based composer or ensemble. See you next week!

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