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wild Up and Listening Alive Kickstarter appeals

Two local groups have kickstarter projects that are wrapping up this week, and I thought it would be good to give them a shout.

First off, wild Up have 25 hours to go on their Shostakovich/Rzewski split limited edition vinyl release, and just today announced that if they hit $5,000 by the close of the campaign, they’ll release digitally release four tracks from their last concert. I missed that one and really wanted to go, so you should back it so that we can hear the awesomeness that we missed. Link is here.

Then, this coming Friday and Saturday, Music on Argyle, Synchromy, and the Symbiosis Chamber Orchestra are all collaborating on a concert of premieres by LA composers entitled Listening Alive. Yours truly has a piece on the concert, as do Jason Barabba, Daniel Gall, Vera Ivanova, George Gianopoulos, and Damjan Rakonjac. They’re raising funds to cover costs of putting on two shows. Two days to go, and complete details are here.

Support your scene. If one group does well, we all do well.

wild Up are fundraising to release a limited edition vinyl

Well that headline more or less says it all. Wild Up are releasing a record on vinyl and for download called The Salt of the Earth. It will have Shostakovich’s Chamber Symphony, Op. 110A, on it, as well as Rzewski’s Les Moutons de Panurge.

You should help, because these guys are incredible musicians who put on incredible shows, and are really working hard to build a community for this kind of music- our kind of music- outside of the confines of a traditional concert hall situation.

The album art is below. Here’s a link to their blog entry about the record, and here’s one to their Kickstarter page, where you can make a donation.