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Andrew Tholl’s piece for Nat Evans’ The Tortoise and His Raincoat

Composer Nat Evans is currently somewhere in Washington state, walking to the Canadian border. This is significant because his walk started at the Mexican border in the Californian desert. It’s a project he’s calling The Tortoise and His Raincoat, in which he not only walks 2,600 miles, but records sounds along the way, and sends those sounds to composers to turn into pieces. Composer/violinist Andrew Tholl is one of those composers. His piece, Hi/Hey was released a few weeks ago. It’s got some really beautiful textures, and combines its electronic sounds (some kind of monosynth pad) with the field recordings in a very convincing way.

Other composers on the project are Scott Worthington, Carolyn Chen, Chris Kallmyer, Brenna Noonan, Scott Unrein, Hanna Benn, and John Teske. Once complete, the whole thing will be released on Quakebasket Records.