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FYF Fest Lineup Announced

Obvious it’s not strictly classical, but neither are we. What is probably LA’s greatest achievement as far as music festivals go just announced their 2012 lineup. It’s two days this year. Violinist/loop pedal extraordinaire Kishi Bashi is in real small letters at the bottom of the poster. The number of experimental/progressive acts on it (Lightning Bolt, Health, Black Dice, etc.) has gone way up. So has the number of personal favorite bands of mine that have ever been on a single festival before (Refused, Liars, Cursive, Converge, Gold Panda, Aesop Rock, Against Me!, the four mentioned in the previous two sentences, more). And hey, was anyone besides me unaware that Hot Snakes and Desaparecidos were still active? Sweet.

If you’re a member of my more traditional concert music readership, I urge you to go. You’ll learn a lot, and two days here is less than the price of a good seats at the LA Phil.

Click the poster to go to the festival site. Tickets go on sale this Friday.

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