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New Music Gathering schedule posted

Many of you may have heard about The New Music Gathering, which is running from January 15 to 17 up in San Francisco. If not, get on that! It’s a sort of conference/festival/party/event/thing for people involved in new music from anywhere, but it definitely has a west coast focus. They announced the schedule today. Here it is:

There are rather a lot of LA names on the program (many of whom you’ve seen on this site), alongside some Bay Area greats like Kronos and The Living Earth Show, and a few east coasters as well.

Tickets are still available, and pretty cheaply for something like this, at

They’ve also set up a couch- and ride-sharing thing on their site. I’ll make a post about that on New Classic LA’s facebook forum, so people going up from LA can help each other out.

See you there!

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