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Happy Holidays ya’ll

You might notice that the calendar at the right side of the site doesn’t show much coming up in the next week. That’s probably because not a lot of people book shows between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. What people do do is go hang out with family and friends, reflect on the year, celebrate their various holidays, and stuff like that. This isn’t news, but it is the reason that I want to post a sincere thanks and wishes for the best possible new year for all of our readers, contributors, and community members.

Since getting the site going again in September we’ve been averaging over 500 visits a month. The calendar, which is admittedly still a little buggy, has become the go-to source for concert listings for a lot of people. I am humbled and honored that you’re coming here to find shows and for news about our scene. Quite a few people have come up to me and said, “I never would have known about this concert if it weren’t for the calendar on New Classic LA.” Hearing stuff like that makes keeping it up absolutely worth it, and I hope that the site continues to help our scene grow and thrive.

Seriously, thank you for reading. There’s big stuff on the way for us (and thus for you) in 2015. Here’s a non-denominational picture of a tauntaun catching snowflakes to wish you happy holidays, whatever yours might be.


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