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Los Angeles Percussion Quartet plays on Saturday, Nominated for a GRAMMY

We are incredibly proud of our friends in the Los Angeles Percussion Quartet. If you haven’t heard yet, their album Rupa-Khandha, released earlier this year on Sono Luminus records, is nominated for two Grammy awards! Huge congratulations to Matthew Cook, Justin DeHart, Eric Guinivan, and Nick Terry. Here’s hoping you guys bring home some trophies.

The good news about this for you? You can hear them this Saturday night at Atwater Crossing, in collaboration with People Inside Electronics. The concert includes the premiere of Isaac Schankler‘s Blindness. Complete details are up at See you there.

Vicki Ray plays an all premiere program with Piano Spheres on Tuesday

I love it when a flyer actually contains all of the information that you might want to know about a given concert. Who’s playing, what the program is, the location, the date and time, how much tickets are, and where to get them. That’s it! You’d be amazed at how many fail to include this seemingly necessary information. Having spent some time working in concert marketing, I’ve discovered that people aren’t going to call or go to your website. They will, however, loudly complain about being uninformed. Put all of the info on the flyer, in the email, the facebook event invitation…basically, make it so that the person reading it doesn’t have to do anything else to find out what’s going on.

Having completed that minor rant, I’d like to share a superb example I received this morning, and encourage you to check out this concert. Amazing players, cool programs, friendly people, all of that good stuff. I might go just to thank them for making my job easy by sending such a well-designed and informative flyer. And on that note, here’s ALL of the info for the show (click to make it bigger/higher resolution):